Are we representing ‘ideal self’ online?


social-media-fakery Self-representation in social media

With the emergence and popularity of the concept of Web2.0, internet has become a public space that everyone can participate in and share their own opinions. As internet become a friendly cyberspace, the nature of users has shifted from passive acceptance to active participation. Besides, due to the pervasive of social media, people, especially young people tend to share what they do and how they think on the social media platforms to express themselves, which makes it easier for them to find people with similar interests and preferences. Social media becomes a platform for users to define themselves and demonstrate their identity. In other words, it becomes a way of self-representation.

01.What is self-representation

The concept of self-representation is coined by Erving Goffman in the book of ‘The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life’. He applied the mode of human’s face-to-face interaction in the…

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